The Arts

The Vault supports arts and culture in Valley City through performances by local musicians, gallery exhibitions, small theater performances, and film screenings. Artistic and cultural programs at The Vault are offered in cooperation with The Bridges Arts Council. The Vault also hosts occasional educational events in cooperation with What In The World Is Going On?

Movies are shown almost every Friday October through June at 7:00 pm. The rights to play the movies are purchased via SWANK and Criterion movie distributors which together handle 90%+ of English speaking movies. We have zero gravity chairs and other comfortable seating, a 20 foot screen, an 8 speaker system, and high resolution projector.


Some of the movies shown annually are…

Around Halloween:
Young Frankenstein (1974 – Gene Wilder, Madeline Khan, Teri Garr)

Around Christmas:
It Happened on 5th Avenue (1947 – Charlie Ruggles)

Around Groundhog Day:
Groundhog Day (1993 – Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell)

Around Mother’s Day:
Princess Bride (1987 – Robin Wright, Billy Crystal, Peter Falk)

Around Father’s Day:
Die Hard (1988 – Bruce Willis)



The Vault also features an art gallery of artwork for sale by local artists. The Vault’s huge walls are perfect for displaying large fabric and canvas art. There are also pedestals and spaces to display sculpture and pottery. Artwork is monitored by security cameras. Artwork is chosen based on market potential and cohesion with the overall decor.

If you or someone you know is an artist who may want to sell their work on consignment, or would like to be a part of a performance or exhibition contact David Brekke at 7oI / 84o / 35I2.