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Honor System

The Vault Coffee Shop and Bakery may be the world’s only unmanned self service coffee shop.

The Vault has a credit card reader, just keep track of your purchases and enter in the appropriate amount. The Vault also has a money slot for checks and cash. Exact change is not necessary, round down and give yourself a break or round up and help us stay in business. When buying books the rule is “Like a book, give a dollar. Love a book, give five.”

Many people ask how we are not being robbed blind. A lessor factor is that we have cameras – though their primary purpose is to help provide a safe atmosphere. More important is the good will of the people of Valley City. Generally speaking the people of Valley City are more generous than dishonest. In the first seven months of being open we averaged 15% more than our asking prices.

Would an honor system coffee shop work anywhere? Probably not. The good people of Valley City make it possible.



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