The Vault Self Serve Coffee Shop, Bakery & Center For The Arts


The Vault is self-serve. Everything is priced by hand, there are no price scanners. Just keep track of your purchases and pay before you leave the counter area. There is credit card reader and a deposit slot for checks and cash.

The Vault serves coffee via a commercial brewer and a Keurig K-cup brewer. Several syrups and creamers are available to punch up your java. Other beverages at the Vault are soda pop, hot cocoa K-Cups, apple cider K-Cups, various kinds of tea, sparkling water and bottled water.

The Vault serves Blue Bunny ice cream treats and a variety of prepackaged snacks.

The Vault offers a constantly changing variety of unique baked goods supplied by our resident bakers. Menu items include creative cakes, frosted brownies, unique bars, and breakfast wraps. Every day is a new selection.